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Communication is pretty simple. There’s you, with something to say. An audience, which you’re trying to influence. And some pretty important people asking you when it’s going to generate a return. You know your brand needs to be powerful and visible. That your product or service needs to be distinctive and desirable. And that you now need to occupy some oddly-named social media spaces. To make all this happen you need clear thinkers, clever writers and cutting-edge creatives. That’d be us.

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A very competitive market, the independent schools sector. Which is why it was so important for Christ’s Hospital to have a powerful brand presence, an amazing prospectus and a totally informative website

“Their ability to decode
our business objectives
is, in a word, outstanding”

Wheels turning at JCB Academy

Industry and academia convened to discuss the future of engineering education in Yorkshire

Boosh at Bucks

Need to get noticed? You can’t beat a few celebrities to liven up the cover of a magazine

Healthcare commissioning

Ensuring commissioners receive quality information to help them make better healthcare decisions

Getting ready for the greatest show on earth

Volume 3 of the 2012 Games Planning pack has just been produced for NHS and local authority communicators and emergency planners so everything runs without a hitch. Picture: Jason Hawkes

Global trade – just what the economy needs

We’ve helped sell fashion into Japan; music into Texas, technology into India and gas pipelines into Turkmenistan. We’ve also helped international companies settle into Britain

“Just amazed by their knowledge
of our sector. Raffertys
just gets it”

Films for web and youtube

We’re storyboarding and directing an exciting new film for a private school. More on this soon

The gym’ll fix it

We rebranded three council-run leisure centres
and beefed up their membership numbers

Supporting NHS investment

We were appointed to name and brand a
21st Century healthcare centre in SW London

Developing powerful campaigns that raise public awareness

Awareness of what’s going on in the world is important. We’re pleased to be asked to lend a hand to
fight injustices and oppression, and to educate and campaign for social good

Values development and other internal comms activity

Every organisation needs a set of values to clarify business expectations, create the confidence to innovate and benchmark progress. The secret is making them visible, believable and relevant

“Everyone talks strategy.
talks about the real world”

Annual report time

Big long documents get us very excited.
Lots of typography, images and infographics

Helping out at Henley

Compass Group takes foodservice as seriously
as rowing at the Henley Royal Regatta


Our create/send system can mass email your contact list and provide click data

Getting Greenwich online

We’ve just completely rewritten the University of Greenwich website. A large part of the time spent on this project involved editing thousands of academic paper titles in Harvard style

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Check out the work.

It would be greedy taking up bandwidth with all the work we’ve produced. But if you ask us to
send our credentials presentation,
or more specific information, we will. Email:

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