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Communication is simple. There’s you, with something to say. An audience, which you’re trying to influence. And some pretty important people asking you when they can expect a return. You know your brand needs to be powerful and visible. That your product or service needs to be distinctive and desirable. And that you now need to occupy some oddly-named social media spaces. TTo make all this happen, you need clear thinkers, clever writers and cutting-edge creatives. That’d be us.

the team.

Hilary Rafferty

Creative Director

Hilary specialises in brand development and comms that are authentic and achieve genuine cut through. Her public sector experience spans all key government departments including health education and environmental as well as multiple projects in the private sector. Hilary’s flair and imagination, coupled with her multi-sector knowledge and expertise, mean she always gets to the heart of what clients want – before often exceeding their expectations.

Deborah Wilson

Project Management Support

An excellent project management coordinator, Deborah works hands-on every day with Hilary and the team to deliver on all system, management evaluation, social media data and feedback needs. She is a great team player with significant experience handling the ‘new normal’ of online Zoom calls and team coordination.

Simon Hilton

Senior Designer

Simon is a highly experienced creative senior designer who is fully versed in all emerging design trends and technology. He services clients at every stage of the campaign journey from devising striking concepts through to rolling out designs across all channels and media. Simon is also on hand to train and support in-house teams. in every aspect of design delivery and development including internal templates, interactive documents, and more.

Jo Evernden

Senior Designer

Jo is a senior designer and a key player in the Raffertys team. A fantastic creative, she is responsive and calm under pressure, consistently producing dynamic creative that connects with target audiences.

Adam Phillips

Senior Copywriter and Editor

With a background in journalism, Adam creates content for marketing campaigns and annual reports/toolkits as well as blogs and messaging for the private and public sectors. He has been working with Raffertys for over eight years and is responsible for some of our best, most memorable work including NETS, MyCMC and the Discovery Collaborative Programme report.

Alex Keating

Digital Design Specialist

Alex is our digital expert who builds websites and creates HTML campaigns devised for email. He is fully aware of the benefits and pitfalls of the social media space and how best to optimise campaign content so it always hits its mark.