the brief.

Raffertys have been working with CMC and MyCMC for a number of years.

The brief was to produce an accessible Annual Report which showcases progress to date which demonstrates to stakeholders the continued value of the service. This includes an update on care plans created, training and education, quality and governance, systems analytics and communications. The whole premise of CMC is that Coordinate My care puts patients’ wishes at the heart of their medical care.

the approach.

We decided to do a landscape format interactive pdf as it is digital friendly and easy to navigate.

Each category has a tab divider and a clear introduction to the action. We developed the style of the graphics for data so they are more modern and easy to understand. The colour palette and photography style is warm and friendly demonstrating that all patients are treated with empathy and care.

the outcome.

It was a highly successful launch which had good reviews and has pride of place on the front page of the website.

“Thank you for all your hard work for the launch, which was great.
We have been overwhelmed with media coverage.
May it drive up CMC care plan creation!"

Julia Riley, Cordinate My Care - Clinical lead.

the work.

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