Eco Personal Protection.

the brief.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Eco Personal Protection introduced the V-100 mask that gave 99.93% protection against all viruses.

It was designed for safety, comfort and sustainability, and is manufactured in the UK. In a crowded market, the task was to produce a website that not only stood out, but also showcase their green credentials. The mask could be tailored to fit. It was for everyday use as well as offering work place protection.

the approach.

We produced a very eco-friendly style website that explained the background and aim to design only sustainable, reusable and sustainable products.

Our job was to create the ‘look and feel’ for the website and all collateral to position the website so that the message and benefits were clear and far reaching.

the outcome.

The masks are worn by individuals and groups including academia, transport, healthcare settings, and government departments amongst others.

The design has helped to differentiate the V-100 anti viral mask. In a crowded market it now stands out.

“Hilary and her team have positioned our website and marketing material to stand out from the crowd with great visuals, punchy text and a compelling narrative.”

Anne Dowling, Director

the work.

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