Nature Works for Health.

the brief.

Nature works for health create large displays, which are designed to bring photography of the natural world to life within a healthcare setting.

Their product was great but the website and branding was not working well enough for them. That’s when they came to us. We re-branded, refreshed and rebuilt the website, changed the logo and colour palette, and allowed the fabulous photography to live and breathe.

the approach.

The key with the photography is conveying the emotional and visual connection that emanates from the image through light emitting photography, that transports the viewer to place of peace and calm.

This meant that our design needed to represent that feeling of wonder. As the target audience were sponsors of large corporates, asking them to invest in the large displays we needed to be more impactful on benefits and messaging.

the outcome.

The key message was that viewing nature lowers stress levels, helps with recovery and reduces pain. Improving a hospital’s visual environment can alter a patient’s experience and recovery.

Nature Works for Health is committed to building partnerships between businesses and NHS hospitals, ensuring better outcomes for patients.

“May I express my deep gratitude for putting together an exceptionally classy site for Nature Works for Health for us! We are truly absolutely delighted with it, so big thank you Hilary!”

Charlie Waite, Landscape Photographer

the work.

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